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Contactless Porch Pick up is available in Mississauga and at Sherkston Shores.

Free Site Delivery is available to our Sherkston Shores Customers 

Delivery is also available to our Mississauga area customers.

Note * A $5.00 delivery fee may apply.

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Our History

It all started in a way with my family dog, Dakota. She is so picky with treats. She would only eat treats that were more natural. However, the more natural that dog treats are, the pricier they become. It just doesn’t seem right.

I became more serious when I got Percy. He was so little, and I wanted to know what he was eating. I wanted to make sure I was giving him healthy treats. I would go to a store and read the ingredients of the treats looking for something healthy. There are so many ingredients I could barely pronounce and I had no idea what they were. If I can’t read it and understand what it is, why would I give it to my fur baby?

Now that I have finished my final semester of university, I have more time to bake for the dogs! I started researching recipes for treats that I could make myself. I researched different foods to make sure they are safe for dog consumption. Then the baking began. Dakota and Percy both love the treats I have made them. Dakota, being picky, means more than Perseus (Percy) who will eat whatever I give to him.

I later began sharing the treats with friends and family for their dogs to enjoy as well.

Our dogs trust us to keep them healthy. I am confident in that now that I know what he is eating by using ingredients I can trust.

So here it is....

Perfectly Percy ~ Homemade Dog Treats.

Healthy Dog Treats at prices even a university student can afford.

Thank you.


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Orders filled Weekly.

Baking Days are Tuesdays and Thursdays with Delivery and Pick ups over the weekend.

Can accommodate special requests.  Please contact me directly.

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What Our Customers Say

There’s just no better way to share what we do and how we do it than to let our customers tell you in their own words. Have a look below at some of the customer reviews of our amazing Dog Treat Store.

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My dogs love Perfectly Percy dog treats! I have a 1 year old cockapoo and a 9 year old Havanese. They've been samplers for Perfectly Percy and they have enjoyed every single product/flavour! The 'ankle biters'/ 'drops' are perfect training treats. My dogs run into the kitchen every time they hear me open a bag of Perfectly Percy treats, and eagerly show me all of their best tricks in an effort to get one!
Perfectly Percy treats are healthy, made with 100% natural ingredients, and have not caused any issues or discomfort for my dogs. The treats are soft enough for my older dog's fragile teeth. Additionally, the storage instructions provided on the bags are clear & sufficient.
These treats are very affordable, especially considering they are all natural! Brooklyn is friendly and professional, and responds in a timely manner. I highly recommend Perfectly Percy dog treats and will continue to purchase them for my dogs, who absolutely love them

Sarah N.


Mississauga, ON.

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